How do I create hosting accounts?

To create a new hosting account, you may click on Create a New Account and enter all necessary details. If you have not yet created a package, you may click here to learn how to create packages.

  1. Log into your WHM
  2. search for "Create a New Account" under Account Functions.
  3. Fill in the details for the new account. Here's a brief outline of the settings you'll be putting in:

    1. Domain Information
      • Enter the main domain name on the account, set a cPanel username and password for it, enter the email address to be associated with the account.
    2. Package
      • WHM allows you to create packages, which make it easier to manage cPanel accounts. For Example, you may have a package called "Demo Plan"  you could set limits such as the number of addon domains, subdomains, emails accounts, FTP accounts, bandwidth, parked domains databases to associate to an account. If you are yet to create any package, Click Here.
    3. DNS Settings
      • Ensure that our support team provides you with your child nameservers if not, 

    Congratulations, you have just created a new cPanel account!

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