What kind of hardware will my VPS be hosted on?

We are proud to say that our VPS nodes are built with some of the best hardware available, and we're not joking. Our USA servers at LA Telecom Center in Los Angeles, CA, and at 350 E Cermak Rd in Chicago, IL, are built with:

+ Dual Intel Xeon E5600 CPUs (8 cores @ 3.16 GHz)

+ 32gb ECC-Certified DDR3 RAM

+ 8x 300gb 10k SAS Disks in RAID6 Array (Xen)


+ 8x 500gb SSD-Hybrid Disks in RAID5 Array (OpenVZ)

Each of our host servers is carefully tested and optimized to ensure the absolute best performance in disk i/o and network speed. There are not many other VPS providers who build their host servers with this kind of power and reliability!

For more information, please visit:

USA Network -

Germany Network -

Turkey Network -

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