Viewing the Editor

To access the editor, you must have either requested for a demo or you have purchased a sitebuilder package

To log into the editor, log into the clientarea. Once you have successfully logged in, you will see ARN HOST sitebuilder on the right side of your dashboard. Click on the Edit button in order to access the editor area.

Build is where all your content elements live. Click the Build tab any time you want to add elements to your pages. Now you can drag on and edit elements as you like

Under the Theme tab, you'll find the options to Change Theme and Change Fonts. You can change your theme's color (via the dots of color at the top) if this is allowed on your selected theme, add a Search box in your header, and add Social Icons in your header. If those last two don't show up here, then your theme doesn't have them.

When you select the Pages tab, your list of pages will open in the sidebar. This way you can see your actual pages as you make changes to them. To add a page click on the + and select a page type, then set Header Type, Visibility and more.

All the settings for your site are located under the aptly titled Settings tab. You can change your site name, upload a favicon, un-publish your site, invite other people to edit your site, manage members and groups, etc.

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